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Occupational health and safety

Australian States have promulgated legislation to control the use of pesticides, under the Occupational Health and Safety regulations under the auspices of the Occupational Health and Safety act of the year 2000, in New South Wales, the Health (Pest Control) regulations 2002 in Victoria, Pest Management regulations 2003 in Queensland and similar regulations in other States too. These regulations control the use of pesticides and the Australian Pest Control Association (APCA), is the controlling body that keeps all it’s members working within the parameters required by the statutory bodies.

Pesticides are a concoction of various chemical compounds, and have to be dispensed carefully, and diligently. The abuse of pesticides could have very drastic consequences, and could cause human fatalities, contaminate ground water tables, kill fauna and flora alike. It is imperative that those in the Pest Control Brisbane are aware of their responsibilities and are qualified and trained in the proper use of these extremely dangerous materials. Pest control Melbourne personnel must carry the required accreditation from the regulating authorities and prove their bona fides prior to engaging in any Pest control brisbane at any location.


A day of much fun and frolic

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